Importance of Lagna Kundli in Human Life

Lagna Kundali is another name for Janam Kundali/Birth Chart. In order to create a Lagna Kundali, one needs details such as the Date of Birth, Time of Birth and the Place of Birth. Based on these details, one can find a person’s zodiac sign, Rasi, lagna, which together influence the life of a person.

The position of the seven planets, i.e., the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, along with the two shadow planets, Rahu and Ketu, can help predict your entire life cycle, which includes your health, wealth, skills, character, career, occupation, life style, happiness, hobbies, interests, preferences, nature, and even some major events of your life. Studying your birth chart or lagna kundali will not change the future, but can help one to make use of the best time to attain progress and new heights in life.

Lagna Kundali has been proven quite beneficial when entering into the sacred bond of marriage. With the number of gunas (traits) matching, it becomes easy for a trained astrologer to predict if one can go for a marriage and how fruitful the bond may prove.

The planets and other celestial bodies that revolve around earth create a grave impact on humans. The impact changes from person to person, however, people born in the same period of the planetary placement have similar characteristic traits which are known to one and all. Based on this, learned astrologers can also help you know a few unforeseen things that are bound to happen. It may also happen that the things predicted might not come true because your role to perform an act cannot be ignored. This can be well said with an example: You wait at the bus stop for a bus. The bus which would take you to the destination arrives and stops at the stop, however, you do not take any efforts to climb and choose to miss the bus!

Destiny is also backed with human efforts. The time may be very good for you to get a job. However, if you do not take the pain to at least attend the interview, or search for it for reliable sources, you might not receive any, although it can be a good time for you to get the best job possible.

Reading your kundali has many benefits. It shows you to right path in order attain glory and success in life.

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  • manoj sahu

    it could not be explained in more simple and effective words. an excellent and to the point write up. Articles like these reinforce faith in our vedic astrological sciences. Keep up the good work