Attention Deficit Disorder in Children

Nowadays, as the kids are introvert, they may lack concentration and stability, and this is known as Attention Deficit Disorder. Despite being intelligent, the child could be lagging in studies. He could be excessively energetic or he might be lazy.

Attention Deficit Disorder is among the most common childhood brain disorders and some of the prominent symptoms of the same include finding it difficult to stay focused or pay attention. This disorder may lead to hyperactivity, and at times one may find it hard to control the behavior. A child who suffers from Attention Deficit Disorder may have difficulty getting along with other children, and he might not be successful at school. When a person suffers from ADD, maturity of brain is delayed by around three years wherein process of thinking, planning and paying attention are affected.

For making an academic career, concentration and stability are the two most important things. If your child is sharp-witted and yet weak in studies, or is unable to score well in examinations, then one thing is certain- there is effect of moon and Rahu in his birth chart. In such circumstances, we must consult an expert astrologer and get his opinion about the child’s horoscope. On getting the required information, we must make sure that we go for the recommended remedies. Some common recommendations include the right direction for studying. Alternately, by use of pyramids, gemstones and poojas, concentration and stability can be induced within the child. Punditjunction is unconditionally supportive of your bid to help your child excel.

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