What is Vaastu?

Vaastu deals with architectural astrology, which defines the placements of things that surround us. This placement proves auspicious to the people residing in a house, office or a factory. Vaastu is quite effective, when buying or renting a plot, apartment, offices, shops, factories, restaurants and even temples. Vaastu puja is performed to ensure that no negative energies reside in the house or the negative dynamism are channelized in the right direction.

Vaastu plays an important role before building a house or any concrete set up that you own. However, if the place is not vaastu compliant one can perform a vaastu puja or make use of spiritual yantras such as pyramids to ensure that you attain spiritual peace and growth.

The science of directions is vital in Vaastu Shastra. Apart from this, the components of nature that comprise of sky, wind, water, fire and earth have to be understood to be in complete harmony with all these elements. This study thus includes the study of geography, physics, topology, environment and directions, and its placement would yield the best results to succeed and progress in life.

Vaastu also proves vital to keep evil spirits away and drive all the negative powers and energies associated with it. It is a must for the well-being, health and peace of the family and everyone associated with you.