The Gemstone Emerald

Emerald is found in a variety of shades of green. However the best Emeralds are bright and radiate a green glow. One needs to be careful while picking an emerald as there are various substitutes that one can find of this stone. It is rare stone which is also quite delicate. Emerald has qualities that can help improve your health and wealth. It also brings along luck, love and sympathy and thus increases the happiness of the wearer. One can also wade off ill spirits, and maternal pain during pregnancy can be substantially reduced.  This gemstone is in great demand and gives prompt results once you begin wearing this nugget.


The gemstone Emerald is recommended for those whose Mercury is weak in the horoscope. On the other hand people who are ruled by the planet Mercury can also wear Emerald. Thus those who belong to the sun sign Virgo and Gemini can wear this stone. However, it is advisable to consult a trained astrologer before you purchase a gemstone. Gemstones being expensive and possess energies, it is important to know whether you are wearing the right gemstone. At times it may also give negative effects if not worn without any recommendations. The procedure to wear the gemstone and the right time is also of importance. In case you are wearing a ring, one should also know that you wear it in the right finger.

Emerald Pendant and Rings