Pearl - The gemstone to bring peace in one's life

Pearl, also known as Moti, is a gemstone that can help reduce aggression and make a person calm. This gemstone is most suitable for people who belong to the sun sign, “Cancer”, as it reduces the effects of moon. Cancerians being ruled by the planet moon, the stone is quite effective for them. Pearl with its cooling features can create wonders for the person who wears it.


Before wearing a pearl you need to ensure its authenticity. The best quality pearls are white in color and found from the sea shells. People who have an artistic background, especially the ones in the field of writing, singing, painting, acting, are benefited with this gemstone.

Like every stone, there is a procedure that one needs to follow before you wear it. If you are unsure of the procedure to wear pearl and uncertain of the feature of genuine pearls, there are various websites that can help you gain more knowledge on the same. However, the website you are referring to needs to be authentic. Generally websites that display their contact details are close of being authentic. You may also contact learned astrologers and get more details on the gemstone you wish to wear and share your problems.

Pearls are usually worn on the Pinky finger. The preferable metal to adorn the gemstone is Silver. You may wear a ring or a pendant depending upon your preference and you need to also perform certain rituals before wearing the stone. Apart from this the time and auspicious days when the stone can be worn need to be considered before wearing Pearl.

Pearl Pendant and Rings