Types of Puja Services at Punditjunction.com

Punditjunction offers two types of Puja services for its users. Below are details of the Puja service which can be availed at Punditjunction.com -

1. On the basis of your faith and devotion.
2. On the basis of birth chart(kundali) prepared by us and its analysis to locate any planetary defects( grahdosh) and plugging the defect with Puja.

The grahdosh can be any one of the following:

Kaal-Sarp dosh Puja

If in the birth chart(kundali) all the planets are coming between Raahu and Ketu, then it is known as sarpdosh. Sarpdosh in birth chart causes obstacles everytime in life. There will be delay in completion of work. Unnecessary tensions will prevail through out life. Childlessness and lack of marital bliss will also have prominence. In such situations, it is necessary to conduct Puja so that life is freed of obstacles and problems.

Pits Dosh Puja

If pitr dosh is present in the birth chart, then work which is on the verge of completion will fail  because invisible pitr means those people who love us very much during their lives and after their death the spirit is not liberated. By causing obstructioins in our activities, it coaxes us to conduct pind-daan to free them. For this reason, if we conduct pitrdosh Puja, then the same pitr will bless us with happiness and peace and attain salvation making our life more progressive.

Maanglik Dosh Puja

If maanglik dosh is found in the chart, then such person will have delayed marriage. Even if the marriage happens in time, then too there are chances of crack in relationship and also there will be difficulty in having children. All in all, marital bliss becomes difficult. Also the person gets angry quickly and becomes a victim of mental imbalance. That is why if this dosh is found in the chart, then immediately this Puja is required to be conducted for the betterment.

Shani Puja

If in the chart Shani's saade-saatti or if Shani has  strong negative effect or if  Shani  is in wrong position,  then such person will  encounter lot of difficulties. He also has to face lot of insults and criticisms. His court cases keep getting pending and unnecessary rivals will emerge who will cause one or the other losses. It is not like this that Shani always causes loss to us. If He is kept happy, then there is no other God who can shower happiness and growth like Him. That is the reason why a person should conduct Shani Puja if He is in the wrong position.

Mahamrutunjaya Puja

In life, if none of the medicines work for ailments and if the ill person is disappointed from everywhere then in such situations if Mahamrutunjaya Puja is done, then the person will have dramatic improvement in his health. If a persona is suffering from ailments from a long time, then by the grace of God the person can regain good health.

Navgraha Pujan

If in the life of a person there is a unexpected arrival of numerous problems and causes are unknown, then by conducting Navgraha Pujan, the person can expect physical, mental and financial benefits. He will also feel secured to some extent by finding solutions to his present problems and the the future ones.