Performing shani puja to get rid of ill effects of shani

When planet Saturn, i.e., lord Shani, influence your rashi (sun sign) in a negative way, a Shani Puja has to be performed in order to overcome the hardships one would most likely face for a certain period. Performing such Pujas would not completely nullify the ill effects of this graha (planet), but can give you the much needed strength to overcome the impending hardships.

The Puja is basically recommended when your birth sign completely falls under the influence of this planet. This phase is also known as Sade Sati, and it takes 7.5 years for a rashi to come out of this phase. Sade Sati is divided into 3 charnas (divisions), each with a time frame of 2.5 years. The first 2.5 are full of difficulties for most people, while in the second charan you might experience some amount of stability in your life, and the third charan will make you realize your wrongly done deeds. The third charan, i.e., the last 2.5 years can be dangerous as it takes something very vital from you, making you remember the person or thing till your last breath. Shani Puja is highly recommended during Sade Sati. This Puja gives you immense courage to face the harsh reality as well as neutralizes its effects.

Shani god is known for his righteousness. Your karma or deeds done in your life plays a major role when determining your fate. This Puja is done to appease the sun god and can be performed on Shani Amavasya, Hanuman Jayanti or Shani Jayanti. These days are considered auspicious for performing the Puja.

Shani Pooja