How do I find my Nakshatra (Birth Star)?

Knowing the Nakshatra of a person would considerably help you know a few characteristics or traits about them. It also helps to generate your horoscope and predict a few events that you might encounter in the course of your life, apart from knowing your personality and the steps that one should take in order to ward off negativity or negative influence from your life.

There are in all 28 Nakshatras, however, 27 of them are considered for contemplation and calculations. Finding your Nakshatra these days has become quite easy as there are many websites that help you find your Nakshatra by feeding a few details of your birth date and time of birth. Your Nakshatra, unlike your star sign can be more than one. Knowing your Nakshatra would give your precise information as it is not just based on your birth date, but also the time of birth. Thus it is evitable that your know your Nakshatra and not just your Rashi.

When finding a suitable match these Nakshatras are studied in depth to know if the traits matches with your would be partner. They are generally calculated based on the placements of the heavenly bodies and one should consult a good astrologer in order to know your traits or if you are planning to tie the knot. Nakshatra definitely has an upper hand when knowing a person as they are calculated with data that is unique to one person and you might come across both positive and negative characteristics making you the best judge to take the right decisions.