Tantrik Mantras to Appease Vedic Planets

Please note that tantrik mantras have immediate effect when compared to pauranik mantras, however the effects are not long lasting.

Please find the tantrik mantras of respective planets below:-

Surya - Om hraang hreeng hroung sah suryaaya namah.
Chandra - Om Shraang Shreeng Shroung sah chandramase namah.
Mangal - Om Kraang Kreeng Kroung sah Bhoumaaya Namah
Budha - Om braam breem broum sah budhaaya namah.
Guru- Om graang greeng groung sah gurave namah.
Shukra - Om draang dreeng droung sah shukraaya namah.
Shani- Om Praang Preeng Proung sah Shanaye namah.
Rahu- Om Bhraam Bhreem Bhroum sah Raahave namah
Ketu- Om Straang Streeng Stroung sah Ketave Namah.