Planet Mercury - The Budha in Vedic Astrology

The Planet Mercury is known as Budha in vedic astrology. It signifies 'buddhi' which is intelligence.

People who have very good mathematical skills should have well-placed beneficial mercury in their horoscopes. Mercury also denotes numbers. Our entire financial system is dependent on mercury's influence as it is nothing but the number game. The Actual wealth, which are silver and gold coins denoted by Jupiter are no more involved today in world economy due to their standardization. It is just the paper currency and electronic debit/credit cards with loads of numbers today and tomorrow it will be just the digital money without any involvement of paper. The Stock Market is especially influenced by Mercury.

One of the most important areas of mercury's dominance is astrology. Logic is denoted by Mercury. So without the application of logic and mathematical skills, adeptness in astrology is impossible. The Mathematical and logical interpretation of any subject matter cannot happen within ourselves, without the well placed mercury in our horoscopes due to Mercury being embodiment of intelligence. Mercury is resembled by the color green which denotes growth especially in financial matters.

Mercury is the lord of 2 zodiac signs, i.e. Gemini and Virgo. Virgo is also the sign of exaltation for Mercury. It acts as a benefic, when placed alone in any house of the horoscope without being aspected by any other planet or without being hemmed between 2 malefics. Mercury when placed with or aspected by any planet doesn't act independently. It acts as per the desires of those planets with whom it is related in terms of conjunction or aspects.

The Gem of Mercury is Emerald. The controlling deity is Goddess Durga. The Mantra 'Om Dum Durgayai Swaha' will appease Mercury if it is afflicted in one's horoscope.