Aquarius Sun Sign - Know Everything !

Planetary Ruler: Saturn Sanskrit Name: Kumbh
Lucky Color: Brown, Grey Lucky Day: Saturday
Lucky Stone: Sapphire Element: Air
Nakshatras: Dhanishta, Shattatarakah Purva Bhadrapada  

Nature, Behavior and Traits

The planetary ruler for this sign is Saturn and Uranus. Aquarians, as mentioned in an Aquarius Horoscope, are extremely versatile, creative, with a strong will power to face any adversity and hurdles. They have a great vision that is backed by innovative ideas, and have a tendency to think out of the box. They can also be self-centered, moody and would like to be with like-minded people or in their own company. They are humanitarians at heart, and are always interested in making a difference to the society and the world.

Aquarians are symbolized as “water bearers”. They are good communicators and straight forward, who are always in tune with new technology and the technological changes. They are very focused and firm about their feelings and behavior. They are adverse to changes, but their intelligence, knowledge and love for the latest gadgets would impress the outsiders. However, like Uranus, Aquarians symbolize the odd and unique things, with sudden mood swings and unexpected tensions.

The element associated with this sign is “Air”, depicting intellectuals and scholars, research and creativeness, which may make Aquarians detached from emotions, make you stubborn and keep you aloof from others.