Levels of Analysis

Any person is interested in peeping in the future for three basic reasons. One, to know how the life generally will be. Second, to seek answer or solution of a specific problem and three, to have guidance on dealing with a specific situation.

A kundali can be analysed to satisfy all these three purposes. There are three types of analyses, when birth details are available.

They are :
General Analysis : The general flow of life is analysed and details are explained. It tells about the physical appearance of the person, his nature, education, success, health and wealth.  These are the general issues about the whole life.

Specific Analysis : This pertains to a specific query or question or problem faced by the individual. It can be related to any general issue. Some examples of specific questions are getting or changing a job, starting a new venture, selection of a stream of education, matrimony issues and the like.

Situational Analysis : This guides in dealing with a particular situation. A person may be going through some phase of life and looks for guidance in coping with it. Some common situations are break in situation, difficult marriage, general dissatisfaction, strained relations, decisions going consistently wrong and many others.

As every individual is unique, the solution of similar issue to different individuals would be unique to him or her. The analysis may not give a readymade solution, but can definitely suggest a better way of coping, handling, addressing an issue. It can also highlight some strengths that the individual may not be aware of.

Where birth details are not available, the analysis is done on the basis of the specific date, time and place of the issue or the question.  Understandably, only specific and urgent questions can be taken for such an analysis.

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