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PunditJunction’s mission is to make the ancient wisdom systems relevant for the modern age. This website starts this journey with Indian Astrology, a discipline practiced for centuries, built on observation, mathematical rigor, and sophisticated rules of interpretation. PunditJunction aims at decoding this wisdom system and speaking directly with its problem-solving facilities. Thus it will decipher the complex rules of interpretation of data residing in a person’s Kundali and the user will have a practical suggestion to his or her problem with the help of expert guides.

Why astrology? Life is coming at us with amazing speed, and any set of tools that has the capacity to provide any guidance around navigating it, is useful. Sigmund Freud used astrology in his practice of Psychotherapy. The ancients realized the power of this wisdom system in dealing with or preparing for life’s challenges – it was a tonic that allowed us to make sense of what was happening and why.

The beauty of Indian astrology is that it is woven into its culture, its health system (Ayurveda), and indeed its religions. Therefore a thorough understanding of its sweep and depth that allows for its beauty to come forth, is a worthy endeavor to us.

PunditJunction is based on scholarship, with a focus on interpreting your Kundali (Data) through well laid out formulations and rules of interpretation. We are in the ‘interpretation’ business, and are not about predicting the future. Our focus is on methodology and its uniform application. When you speak to a PunditJunction Consultant, you are speaking with someone who has studied Indian astrology, and has been assessed for his or her skill. We do not deviate from the PunditJunction playbook, and you will get a consistent and rich experience every time.

PunditJunction doesn’t claim Indian astrology to be a science, but a system of observation and analysis that is rooted in the scientific method. We are confident that you will find your interaction with PunditJunction both entertaining and full of practical wisdom!

In case you have any questions regarding the process or the company, please do get in touch with us at: contact@punditjunction.com

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Astrology is a science, and like Astronomy, it studies the stars, planets, constellations…

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Astrology is a science, and like Astronomy, it studies the stars, planets, constellations…