About Us

The Indian culture, or way of life, is thousands of years old. Its traditions and unique practices have been honed through generational cycles of trial and error, and a big reason for the resilience of this ancient culture is that people have found both wisdom and logic when they have turned to it. A defining characteristic of Indian culture is Indian Astrology.

PunditJunction is an exciting and unique destination for rich interactions with Consultants schooled in Indian Astrology. PunditJunction recognizes that that Indian Astrology is a mix of astronomy, mathematics, religion, symbolism and tradition, and delivers this heady ancient amalgam in a modern, scientific way. Indian Astrology is underpinned by its own rules, processes and logic – our interpretations and conversations are set within this framework and context. Global Indians and Western Audiences will find interactions with PunditJunction analytical, comprehensive, scholarly, insightful, and we believe, highly interesting.

If, as a result of technical difficulties on our part, your session with a PunditJunction Consultant is cut short, PunditJunction will give you credit for the unused portion.

In case you have any questions regarding the process or the company, please do get in touch with us at: contact@punditjunction.com