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Todays Horoscope : 18-04-2014

Sun Sign: Aries

You’d be sincere towards your work and when it comes to helping others accomplish their goals & targets, you’d be passionate & enthusiastic. Your health issues, though trivial, may require attention. Be affectionate towards your family.

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Sun Sign: Taurus

You’d be able to get things organized and in place. Though there are no alternatives to sincere hard work, you’d still be required to be a part of activities other than the ones which are regular. Love life would be on a high. Spend time with your spouse or loved one.

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Sun Sign: Gemini

You’d be on a high. Well placed in your professional sphere, you’d earn respect & acknowledgement for your contribution. Businesspersons would be busy in activities associated with organizing work orders or customers.

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Sun Sign: Cancer

You may feel that your emotional & sensitive nature is overriding your natural behavior pattern, and the same is diverting you from your goals & targets. Be focused, work oriented and avoid gossip. Support your team & your family, and take care of your health.

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Sun Sign: Leo

You need to be soft & understanding towards your colleagues & teammates, and must understand their requirements with calmness & composure. Try and make sure that you are not unnecessarily demanding.

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Sun Sign: Virgo

Those into anchoring or comparing on TV or radio would find growth & fame come their way. But do not deviate from your focus, and keep yourself connected. You are in for some financial gains; however, you’d have to wait for appropriate opportunities.

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Sun Sign: Libra

Be more expressive and promote your products in a new fashion. You’d focus on activities that would benefit you with financial gains. Businesspersons would make unexpectedly high profits. You’d enjoy the support of your family.

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Sun Sign: Scorpio

The day would be hectic, and you’d be required to focus entirely on your work. You may feel that too much time is being spent over resolving trivial issues. Your family would be supportive, but would expect a lot from you.

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Sun Sign: Sagittarius

You’d embark on multiple activities and the same would make you feel satisfied, but try and make sure you do not ignore your professional responsibilities. Outsiders from social & political spheres would influence your thought process. You must stay attached to your family & domestic commitments. Do not delay or overlook physical ailments.

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Sun Sign: Capricorn

You’d feel blessed and would positively tackle difficult issues. Similarly in financial matters, you’d feel well placed & balanced, but outstanding bills must be paid. Your teammates would be very cooperative.

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Sun Sign: Aquarius

Keep your focus on your work. Businesspersons may face stiff competition, customers may decline and you might have to rework strategies for effectively running your business. Flow of funds could be low, but this is a temporary phase and you can overcome it. Be patient & performance oriented.

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Sun Sign: Pisces

Even in absence of work related pressures, you might feel guilty of non performance. Be an active participant in work activities. You might undertake additional jobs/tasks which would bring joy & financial benefits as well.

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  • PunditJunction Announces :

    In an attempt to popularize Indian forms of Astrology and Vaastu, Pundit Junction announces "Learn at your pace" courses. Chatting with reporters online, the company's  spokesperson shared that these courses have been designed with both hobbyist and practitioners in mind. Two tracks "Basic" and "Advanced" will be introduced on each of the topics of Astrology and Vaastu.

    "The drive to venture into educating aspiring clientele was based on the numerous requests that we have been receiving with existing & new customers" said Mr Udoshi. He confirmed that for the time being the content will be an Hybrid of downloadable videos and email based interactions. This will soon be followed by live online sessions that users can login & join as per the course regi...

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Best Sellers

  • Lagna Kundali - Birth Chart/Janma Kundali/Natal Horoscope

    Astrologically, Lagna Kundali is nothing but a birth chart/ Janma Kundali/ Natal Horoscope is being made by an Astrologer out of given Date, Time & Place of birth of a native (a person).Generally, Lagna Kundali is also being understood as matching of two horoscopes i.e. of bride & bridegroom, for the purpose of Marriage i.e. ‘Lagna’.

    Here in this section of ‘Pundit Junction’, you will be able to get matching of two horoscopes i.e. bride & bridegroom and also an individual analysis & readings of each horoscope by our expert astrologers. Even you’ll be able to get ‘Pre-marriage analyses’ & ‘Relationship analyses’ for the horoscopes of would be bride & bridegroom.

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  • Priority Question

    Our astrologers consult with you by studying the Birth Horoscope that is prepared. The inputs to prepare the birth chart are: Place, Date and Time of birth. However, in some cases our clients are not sure about the exact date or time. In such cases we use a method called Priority Question or Prashna Kundali.

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