Astrology driven lifestyle solutions.

Consistent interpretations &
personalised advice.

Why do so many people across cultures look for meaning in the stars? Do they hold answers to our search for a better life?
Astrology may not have the answers but it certainly can share clues that will help you find the answers.

Classical Wisdom Systems for Our Times

Indian Astrology is steeped in mathematical rigor and sophistication. The subject matter is full of scholarship. The Indian civilization knew thousands of years ago that the earth is round and nothing more than a small sphere in an infinite cosmos. It is no wonder that and some of India’s great mathematicians and logicians were also students of Indian Astrology. It is an art form that holds many lessons of understanding and wisdom.

At PunditJunction, we believe that practical wisdom resides in classical practices that have endured and helped people for generations. PunditJunction aspires to deliver insight and guidance from ‘wisdom systems’ that have been developed in India, starting with Astrology.

Our Mission

Astrology, also called Jyotish Vidya in India (the study of celestial light) is based on the position of the planets in our solar system with respect to the 12 constellations. There is a long history of methodical practice, and rigorous and serious texts exist that govern interpretation and meaning in Indian Astrology. Its problem-solving capabilities address key aspects of ones’ life, including, health, career, relationships, family, wealth, and success. PunditJunction’s mission is to:

  • Use principles of analysis and interpretation derived from scholarly sources.
  • Application of rules of interpretation in a consistent, intelligent manner.
  • Providing a roadmap based on such interpretation and analysis that delivers well-being and happiness.

Our Methodology

PJ methodology is guided by the use of original and classical sources like the Panchang (an ancient Indian almanac) and texts like the Bhrigu Samhita, a treatise on Indian Astrology dating back to the Vedic period (said to be around 600 BCE. We interpret Patrikas (Birthcharts) based on classical rules that govern the analysis of data and information. Astrology is all about data, information and analysis. The classical wisdom system that are PJ’s purview, lend themselves to sophisticated analysis and interpretation. The practice of Indian Astrology in particular, can be enriched with the use of modern techniques like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Expert Astrologers

Pundit Junction astrologers are formally trained in the subject. They have vast experience having seen thousands of horoscopes.

Quality data

Pundit Junction invests in multiple data sources to get in-depth and accurate data about planetary positions that give our astrologers an edge.

Consistent interpretation

Our astrologers interpret horoscopes based on certain agreed and proven frameworks. They ensure you get a similar reading of your horoscope no matter which astrologer from Pundit Junction you consult. You can be assured of personalised advice for matters about the future.

Our Approach to Consultation

PJ Consultants take special care in explaining the methodology used in interpreting your Patrika. We don’t predict – we interpret. Moreover, our guidance is focused on improved well- being.

An interaction with PunditJunction will be entertaining, informative, and insightful. Our accent is on the positive, giving you the tools to surf life’s ups and downs. We will be guided by scholarship, rigor, and technology, with a view to providing accessible, useful wisdom. Indian Astrology as an art form practiced for centuries, contains important life lessons. We aim to distill and provide this knowledge, shorn of all unnecessary ornamentation – there are no religious, cultural, or mystic overtones.

It is said that Sigmund Freud used astrology in the practice of psychotherapy. In a fast-moving, complex world, our goal will be to deliver the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are addressing what is important to you. We are delivering ‘wisdom’ in as original a format as possible. However, our service is not a substitute for medical and professional advice and to that extent must be viewed as entertainment. We are confident that a conversation with a PunditJunction Consultant will leave you asking for more!